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ITSM Health Check

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ITSM Health Check Audit to review your Ivanti Neurons for ITSM aka Ivanti Service Manager System. Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with or sponsored by Ivanti. We are independent freelance consultants.

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ITSM Health Check

The purpose of this intense 60 minute ITxM Health Check Audit is to review your current Ivanti Neurons, Ivanti Service Manager (ITSM) and/or Ivanti Asset Manager (ITAM) system and processes to provide you with a Road Map to ITxM Excellence

DISCLAIMER: Not endorsed by, affiliated with, or sponsored by Ivanti. Any use of the software product names describes the fact that we have experience with the mentioned ITSM products and offer related consulting services in a freelance capacity.

During the ITxM Health Check Audit you will learn how to:

  • Provide massive value with Ivanti Neurons, Service & Asset Manager
  • Get extraordinary results from your ITSM System
  • Decrease your support calls and emails
  • New and easy best practices & latest solutions for your ITSM Implementation
  • Advanced workflows to streamline your ITSM systems and processes
  • Cut your Ivanti ISM Project costs in half and double your return
  • Take your Ivanti Service Manager Implementation to the next level!
  • Plus… many more ideas, concepts, systems, and strategies

Success with Ivanti Service Manager is not a mystery…
It’s a SYSTEM!

See what others have to say:

“EXP had completed an Implementation of the Ivanti Service Manager and Asset Manager toolset. The implementation team from Kifinti Solutions were helpful in getting it up and running, but we needed someone that could take EXP to the next level and configure the tool so we could utilize all of its potential, with the latest solutions and Best Practices. As EXP was also in a transition period where our processes and workflows were being redefined, Gregor and a19 Consulting were able to work with us to align our working processes with the workflows within the Ivanti Service Manager tool.”

— EXP | Helpdesk Manager

Give me just 60 minutes of your time and
I GUARANTEE I will improve your ITSM Implementation!

Gregor Anton | a19 Consulting

Only $159.00 USD

DISCLAIMER: We have never been employed by Ivanti, however, we have sub-contracted for Frontrange Business Partners and sub-contracted for Ivanti Business Partners.

By Freelance ITSM Consultant

Freelance Consultant, Developer since 1996 with 100+ ITSM/ITAM/ESM Implementations

Extensive Implementation Experience with ITSM products such as but not limited to Ivanti Neurons, Ivanti Service Manager, and HEAT ITSM

Past Customers include Fortune 500 & Global 500 Enterprise Clients, Frontrange Business Partners, Ivanti Business Partners, and private Swiss banks.

Roles and Responsibilities from Project Management, System Architecture, Design, Development, Consulting (technical & functional)

Worldwide in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, and the USA

Disclaimer: Not endorsed by, affiliated with, or sponsored by Ivanti
"Ivanti Consultant" refers to job description, experience, and skill set with Ivanti's product line and is merely descriptive of the fact that I have experience with Ivanti's ITSM products.

I have never been directly employed by Ivanti,

I have been employed by Frontrange Business Partners and sub-contracted by Ivanti Business Partners to work with Ivanti Project Managers and/or Ivanti Implementations