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Our podcast covers popular ITSM topics and is hosted by a long time Freelance Consultant with over 100+ Implementations with enterprise systems such as Ivanti NeuronsIvanti Service Manager, SalesLogix CRM, HEAT IT Service Management. And some ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, and Sage CRM experience.

Disclaimer: Not endorsed by, affiliated with, or sponsored by Ivanti, Infor, ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, or Sage. Any use of the vendor and software product names is descriptive of experience/skill set and for review purposes only and to answer questions from our readers.

Why Podcasts? Sometimes podcasts are a great medium to share information. Podcasts are quick and easy to create, powerful, and also convenient to listen to, on the morning commute, lunch break, or while travelling. Plus you can download Podcasts for offline listening.

Personally I like to download a few hours worth of Podcasts whenever I’m travelling or stuck somewhere and want a break from reading or watching videos.

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  • If you would have asked that question 28 years ago, the answer would likely have been quite different. You see ITSM has come a long way since the early Helpdesk days. Back then most helpdesk systems were very basic ticket systems that recorded employee information, symptoms, ticket categories, and allowed you to prioritize and assign […]
  • DISCLAIMER: Not endorsed by, affiliated with, or sponsored by Ivanti, ServiceNow, Remedy, Infor, or Sage. Any use of the software product names is descriptive of product experience/skillset or used to review the ITSM and CRM products. FAQ Do you really need a dedicated Ivanti Consultant? How important is Ivanti Certification? What time zone are you […]
  • Back in the day before Zoom, before Goto Meeting, before the Internet, onsite visits were the only approach. Nowadays you hardly find anyone requiring an onsite and if you do. You really need to ask yourself, why?
  • Lately on various Social Media Sites there have been quite a few proud posts of Ivanti "Consultants" getting their Certification for Ivanti ITSM. What is Ivanti Certification? And is it important?
  • Ivanti ITSM has come a long way in the 27+ years I have implemented the various products from HEAT, HEAT ITSM, Ivanti Service Manager, Ivanti Asset Manager, and now Ivanti Neurons for ITSM/ITAM. Surprisingly the Ivanti Professional Services approach has also changed. From in-house consultants, now outsourced to Ivanti Business partners. Is that good, is […]