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Our podcasts cover popular Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT ISM), SDLC, ITSM, ITAM, and ESM Topics.

Why Podcasts? Sometimes podcasts are a great medium to share information. Podcasts are quick and easy to create, powerful, and also convenient to listen to, on the morning commute, lunch break, or while travelling. Plus you can download Podcasts for offline listening.

Personally I like to download a few hours worth of Podcasts whenever I’m travelling or stuck somewhere and want a break from reading or watching videos.

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  • One of the most under utilized features of Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT Call Logging System) is the Self Service Portal. Some organizations are hesitant to roll out Self Service, other companies simply don't know where to start, and then there is the huge price tag from Ivanti Business Partners that lack a consultative approach and […]
  • In this Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT ISM) Podcast Episode we will look at Regression Testing. This is the audio portion of the video for my blog post created October 1, 2020. https://ivantiservicemanagerconsultant.wordpress.com/2020/10/01/what-is-regression-testing-ivanti-best-practices/
  • This Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT ISM) Podcast Episode focuses on the difference between UAT Testing and System Testing. This is the audio portion of my You Tube Video from October 6, 2020. For more great content be sure to check my blog at https://ivantiservicemanagerconsultant.wordpress.com
  • What is Edge Computing? Shift Left Paradigm?  Ivanti Neurons?  Nirvana vs Realistic Expectation This podcast is based on the Ivanti HEAT ITSM Blogpost found here: https://ivantiservicemanagerconsultant.wordpress.com/2021/05/05/introduction-to-ivanti-neurons/ What are your thoughts?  Are you an Ivanti Neurons customer or prospect?  Please share your thoughts and leave a comment for this podcast topic at podcast.a19consulting.com
  • What is Barcode Scanning?  How to use Bar Code Scanners with Ivanti Service and Asset Manager? What is available out of the box and how can you take your implementation to the next level with the a19 Asset Scanner Wizard? Scanning Assets with Ivanti Service Manager and Ivanti Asset Manager just got easier! No expensive […]